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Private - commercial industrial enterprise was founded by its Chief Executive Manager Olga Sidorovna Savka. The Licence of the Ukrainian Tourism State Committee insured the right of the company "Navkolo svitu" ("Around the World") to arrange tours and to receive foreign tourist in Ukraine. The company proposes different tours for the Ukrainian citizens abroad.
Our CEM Olga Savka has been working in tourism for almost 10 years. In 1995 She came up with an idea of establishing her own company. The name came naturally "Navkolo svitu", that means "Around the World" The name reflects the scope of the company's activity. The company has been working in the tourist market successfully and has been aiming at improving the service it provides. The company has had a 20% annual increase in its operations' volume. This applies as to the in and out tourism. Olga Savka has recieved an extensive training as a manager. She is recognized as one of the top-ranking professionals in herfield. She does her work criatiwy and with love. Twice in 1999 and in 2002 she was awarded "For out standing achievements in the national Tourism" award.

The service of our company includes
  • bus tours around Europe
  • air travel to any corner of the world
  • the company also handles ticket sales and hotel reservation
  • the company is specializing in means of conveyance rental
  • the company proposes coordination of shuttle service to and from major departure and arrival points
  • it has also succeeded in accommodating guests from different countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Romania, Portugal
Our company offers its customers:
  • to spend unforgettable time in the Carpathians
  • hunting
  • Bucovinian saphary
  • Romantic getaway and wedding ceremony performed in the Ukrainian Chapel
  • A Carriage - and - three ride and we guarantee that our carriage do not turn into pumpkin
  • Recreation in the bucovinian families (walking in the forest, picking mushrooms and berries, milking cow and other fun)
  • Business tours
  • Arranging conferences, seminars and symposiums

"Navkolo svitu" was awarded with different diplomas, prizes and honered charters:

Diploma for the participating in the International Film Festival of the tourist films "Viter Mandriv " that means (the Wind of Trevelling)>
The international prize "Tourism Hotel Service and Gastronomy" Madrid, 2000
Diploma "Class-Stork (Khrishtaleviy Leleka) in the competition "The Best tourist Mass Media of Ukraine (Tourist Newspaper "Navkolo svitu") Kyiv, 2000
Diploma Kyiv, 2000
The Honered Charter The Honered Charter of the Chernivtsy Oblast State Administration " For the Valuable Participating in the Development of Tourism and Development of the Finencial and Technical Basement of the Bucovonoan Tourism" Chernivtsy, 2000
Prize Prize for Quality Geneva, 2000
Honered Charter Honered Charter of the Chernivtsy Oblast State Administration "For high and valuable rating in the tourism development and making the positive image of Bucovinian Hospitality" Chernivtsy, 2000
The International Prize The International Prize "For Commercial Prestege" Madrid, 2000
Prize Prize of the American Company GQM "American Quality" New York, 2001
Diploma Diploma Glass Stork (Kristaleva Leleka) in the competition " The best tourist Company of the Region" Kyiv, 2001

Our company is the member of:

  • the association of hotels and tourist agencies of the Carpatian Region
  • the member of the Oblast Community Detechment "Countries Green Tourism of Bucovina"
  • the Chernivtsy Oblast association of tourism Workers "Tourist Bucovina"
  • trade Leaders Club. Madrid
  • Meredian Club.London
  • IATA (the international association of the airline transportation)
  • Ukrainian National Committee of the International Trad Chamber. Kyiv
  • The Chernivtsy Trade - Industrial Chamber and the Ukrainian Trade Industrial Chamber.
The successful work with the clients and partners is conducted by higly skilled officials the company is supplied with modern computers and mini ATS with multi - channel telephones. Olga Savka thoroughfully arranges the work of the staff. Every manager is on his or her place, speaks foreign language, is highly educated person. As a rule the clercks of the company are well trained in contact with the customers. Every member of our company tries to be as useful to the client as possible. They propose the unique end exotic tours and the best recreation in Ukraine, in Bucovina and in the Carpathians.

To provide the customers with more comfortable service the company opened its agencies in

  • Kyiv
  • Ternopil
  • Ivano-Frankivsk
Today the company proposes different tours: from the European Cruises to the individual trips to Maldivs and Shayshales, bus and airline tours. Its wonderful tu see the whole world, but "home is the best " and we are here fired to speak about our country about Bucovinian Region, its city - Chernivtsy. We chould be happy to receive everybody who has made his or her decision to rest in the Carpathians on the banks of the Swift Cheremosh or the calm Dniester.

We are ready to show our customers the most interesting places on our Planet. We help Ukrainians ti visit Greece, Italy, Hungary, Chech Republic , Bulgaria, Spain, France, Austria, Cyprus, Rodos, Malta, Portugal, Egypt, Israel and many other countries. The quality of the service is guaranteed . The members of our staff control personally each place they sent their clients it. We propose the places of recreation not only by the words of advetisment but we shake our own experience and knowledge. We are sure that our clients feel comfortable being guided by the English speaking .

We will be glad to know that offered on this site tours will be appreciated by our customers and partners. Welcome to our office and our cooperation will be resultative and successful. We shall justify your confidence! Be sure!

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