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Bukovina a picturesque area of Ukraine, is often referred to as "the beech land" for the name of Bukovina stems from the Ukrainian "buk" which means "beech". The ancient land of the Slavs has preserved numerous monuments of history. The fortress Chern which grew into the modern town of Chernivtsi was founded in the 12 century on the crossroads of major trade routes. For more then four centuries. Nothern Bukovina was incorporated into Old Rus State, in the 10 th throuch 12 th centuries, this area served as stronghold on the south-west frontier of Kievan Rus: until mid 14 th century it was included into Galician-Volhynian Principality. For almost 300 years, Bukovina, then a part of Moldavia Principality, was ruled by the Ottoman Empire and forced to labour under the hard Turkish yoke. In 1774 the area was annexed by the Austrian Empire and only the Khotyn Uyezd entered the Russian State in 1812. Austrian colonizers ruled Bukovina until 1918.

Throughout many centuries the population of Bukovina fought for social and national independence. At different times. Many antifudal uprisings were staged in the area (1490-1492 lead by Mukha; mid 17 century by Myron Dytynka; in 1730-1740 by Olexa Dovbush; in 1843-1848 by Lukian Kobylytsia.

In 1915-1917 Bukovina was the scene of some First World War battles. In 1928 the People's Assembly of Bukovina expressed the wish "to unify the Austrian part of the Ukrainian lands with Ukraine".

The land of Bukovina a delichtful world of wonderful nature chick forests and ripple waterfalls is rich in talented people, national culture and traditions, legends and songs, golden waves of corn fields and real creators of folk costumes, wood-carving, embroidery and painted Easter eggs.

This land has given a lot of famous people: the talented Ukrainian poet and democrat Yuri Fedkovich (1834-1888), another out-standing representative of Ukrainian culture Olga Kobilyanska (1865-1942), a famous composer Sydir Vorobkevich (1836-1903), the outstanding Ukrainian actor and film-producer Ivan Mykolaychuk (1941-1987), our contemporaries, a writer Mychaylo Ivasyuk and the famous author and singer Volodymyr Ivasyuk and a number of world-know singers, dancers, painters and scientists (Nazary Yaremchuk, Sophiya Rotaru, Vasyl Zinkevych, Oleksandre Serov,Pavlo Dvorskiy and many other.

Chernivtsi is the principal city of Bukovina with numerous historical monuments, cosy parks, diversed architecture, modern financial companies and banks, educational institutions and places for entertainment. Chernivtsi has its own style, history, beauty and glamour.

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