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Chernivtsi region / Chernivtsi

The name Chernivtsi was mentioned for the first time in a feudal charter signed by the ruler of Moldavian State Alexander Dobriy (the Good) on October 8,1408. But the town itself appeared much earlier, during the times of Kyivan Rus. when Prince Yaroslav Osmomysl ordered to build a fortress on the left bank of the river Prut in the second half of the 12 th century. In the mid-13 th century the fortress was ruined. Some historians claim that it was burnt down in 1259, after Tatar Voyevoda Burundai demanded that Prince Danylo Romanovych destroy all the military fortifications in Galician Rus. The inhabitants of the fortress crossed the river and founded the town on its opposite bank where the centre of current Chernivtsi is located.
Over the centuries the town witnessed times of flourishing and decay. It was plundered and burnt many times by Turkish, Tatar and Polish invaders. All those misfortunes hampered the development of the town and Chernivtsi in the early 18 th century differed little from an ordinary village.
The architectural image of contemporary Chernivtsi began its formation last century, when the wide scale construction of brick buildinds began. A number of apartment houses, imposing edifices, which lend beauty to the city, the residence of Bukovinian metropolitans, the Cathedral, the railway station and the theatre were built.
As time passed Chernivtsi gradually changed into a well-planned city.
Chernivtsi has a population of about 400 thousand people. It is one the most beautiful cities of Ukraine, attracting many tourists. Different architectural styles characteristic of past centuries blend well with one anotner. Many are complete with bay windows, loggias, weather vane towers, sculptural reliefs and baroque stucco molding. These architectural elements, so characteristic of the 19 th century, add inimitability to the city.
Chernivtsi has been the home for many outstanding authors and artists. Ukrainian classical writers Yuri Fedkovych and Olga Kobylyanska lived and worked for some time here. Or take, for example, the poet and playwright Vasile Alexandri, the poet Mikhail Eminesku, who became the pride of Romanian and Moldavian literatures respectively. They spent part of their lives in Chernivtsi.
The citizens keep the memory of the famous countrymen Yuri Fedkovych and Olga Kobylyanska and there are two memorial museums dedicated to the life and literary activity of these outstanding personalities. The most beautiful street in the city center and the musical and drama theatre have been named after Olga Kobylanska.
Modern times produce new talents. Such wonderful songs as Marichka, Cheremshyna, Chervona Ruta were written at the wonderful banks of the swift Prut River. The singers Dmytro Hnatyuk and Sophia Rotaru, who are well known in this country and abroad, started their artistic careers in Chernivtsi while the film-director and actor Ivan Mykolaychuk and composer Volodymyr Ivasyuk drew their inspiration from local art.
This beautiful city with inimitable architecture, museums, shady alleys in its parks and public gardens, summer cafes which can be found literally round every corner attracts tourists from across the country and abroad. They come to admire the cast and the present which blend so harmoniously together.
Art Museum
Concert program of organ music
Evening entertainment program including dinner in the Hunters` restaurant which will get you acquainted with traditions of the Ukrainian cuisine
Evening entertainment program of the Ukrainian Folk Theatre "Holos" including the Ukrainian traditional dinner
Evening walking tour along the centre of the city including the visit to the restaurant with the traditional cuisine, dinner
Performance at the Regional Music Drama Theatre
Sightseeing tour along Chernivtsi
The Museum of Architecture, Manners and Customs
The Religious Edifices of Chernivtsi
The residence of Bukovinian metropolitans

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Chernivtsi City - The Pearl of Bukovyna from $100 Sunday
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