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Chernivtsi region

HUTSULSCHINA is a historical and ethnographical area of Ukraine including mountain regions such as Ivano-Frankivsk, Bukovyna and Transcarpathia. The height of local mountains reaches 2,000 metres. Rich plateaus crown the mountain peaks and serve as pastures for cattle in summer. Forests are rich in mushrooms and there grow various berries in the cleared spaces.
But it is a special atmosphere of warmth surrounding everybody that attracts visitors here. And, probably, not by mere chance had a prominent Ukrainian poet Maksym Rylsky once written: The world's good here and so is the man.
Vashkivtsi, the village in Vyzhnytsya district, fascinates guests with its picturesque nature the foothill settlements are characterized by, and attracts ones attention to their peculiar mode of life and colouring of clothes. Many a talented people did this beauty give to the world!

BUKOVYNA is a very specific and picturesque area of Ukraine. The land was named after its numerous beech forests and is famous for its fertile fields, fruit orchards, healing mineral sources, attractive towns and villages. And, of course, kind, courageous and talented people living there add to the glory of the land. They are able of mastering every trade be it pasturing of fed cattle herds, growing big crops, sailing rafts down the troubled waters of the swift Carpathian rivers or carve fantastic decorations, build lovely painted houses in national style or weave the lightest fabrics possible, embroider national clothes with flowers of Bukovinian legends. Songs of that land touch ones heart and soul, dances make your blood boil and legends provoke imagination!

The travel agency NAVKOLO SVITU is happy to invite you to Chernivtsi the city of our love and a real architectural and cultural pearl of Ukraine. We are anxious to acquaint you with the amazingly beautiful streets, buildings, squares and historical monuments. You will be greatly impressed at seeing the University, the former residence of the Metropolitan of Bukovyna, the theatre of Music and Drama, one of the most beautiful theatres in Europe, churches, temples and cathedrals, and, surely, the lovely landscapes. We shall offer to your attention everything that makes our city so romantic and Bohemia like with the utmost charm of Small Vienna.
Do come to Chernivtsi!

On the steep banks of the river Dnister where Bukovyna meets Podillya, there lies a lovely Bukovinian town of KHOTYN that has recently celebrated its 1,000 anniversary. It is the town that occupies a decent place in the history of Ukraine. On its outskirts there stands a fortress built at the same time as The Tale of Ihor March was written. It witnessed the noble glory of the Ukrainian kozaks. If you are interested in medieval mysteries, Khotyn is offering some of them.

VYZHNYTSYA may be called a kind of gates to the Carpathians, those being thrust open for everyone eager to get in touch with the original beauty of the mountains.
Those enthralled by the magic of the mountains, flourishing plateaus, cuttings in the beech woods, folk art, enthusiasts of water tourism, mountain skiers and simply those who love travelling visit this old Ukrainian city. Only 68 km separate the town on the right bank of the swift river Cheremosh from the centre of the region. Mild climate, amazing landscapes and the healing air of the highlands are offered to the guests of Vyzhnytsya as a worthless gift.
The road to the very heart of the Carpathians starts exactly here.

On the outskirts of Vyzhnytsya a tourist complex Cheremosh found its place and a bit further, right across the Nimchych Pass, you can find a branch of tourist refuge Nimchych that eagerly offers comfortable and cheap places for your rest. There many tourist routes leading to such memorials as Dovbush Cave, Falcon Rock and Protyaty Stone (by the way, this rock is very peculiar in its shape: it has a hole in the middle) take their start.
A picturesque road leads from Vyzhnytsya to the mountains. The road repeats the bends of the river Vyzhenka, clear and transparent like a mountain source. And on its banks the village with the same name lies freely. The recreation hotel Zeleni Pahorby(Green Hills) is located there. Both children and adults are sure to enjoy this tour.

Art Museum
Sightseeing tour along Chernivtsi
The Museum of Architecture, Manners and Culture
The National Vyzhnytsya Natural Reserve
The Religious Edifices of Chernivtsi
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Tours Price Departure
Chernivtsi City - The Pearl of Bukovyna from $100 Sunday
Four-Day's Tour Along the Carpathians from $1 as the group is formed
Along the Bukovinian Region from $100 Saturday
The spirit of the Carpathians from $150 Monday
Bukovinian Diaspora from $99 as the group is formed