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Ivano-Frankivsk region

The Carpathians are the kingdom of the unique landscapes; they are the region which is called the pearl of the Ukrainian land. The sensitive ear can perceive the ancient forests rustling and the sharp eye can observe the charming sceneries exchanging places like in a kaleidoscope. The attractive villages located on both sides of the roads, the ever hospitable people, the lovely nature, the historical and cultural memorials, which always attracted the curious eyes of the visitors all these attributes make up the friendly atmosphere of the Carpathian kingdom.
In the gorgeous polonynas,
Where the fir-trees grow
The Hutsulian people live,
A very hospitable folk.
They welcome to their homes
To roam about the winding plai,
Treat everyone to blueberry scones,
To visit the Carpathians they everyone invite.
If you feel like making a journey into the fairy tale of the Carpathians, having an active rest in the open air or if you are searching for a repose under the shelter of the virgin nature, if you are curious about the history and culture of East Europe then all the health resorts of Yaremche, Yablunytsya, Polyanytsya, Vorochta, Mykulytchyn and Tatarov are there for you!
Yaremche is a small holiday resort. This town, with the villages adjoining it, is situated in Ivano-Frankivsk region. Owing to its successful location, it has since long been famous as a center of the tourists in Pre-Carpathians.
In any season the visitors are given the choice to pick out the occupations for themselves according to their likings: in winter they can choose sledging, mountain skies or ski-walks; in summer they can enjoy the promenades about the flourishing polonynas or the mountain river Prut. The magic colours of the autumn forest will eternally stay in the mind of the person who has at least once wandered about these places.
You can as well roam along the bank of the mountain river with transparent water, admiring the surrounding sceneries or plunge into the marvelous Carpathian forest enjoying its silence and tranquility and the generous gifts of the nature, or start on a trip about the mountainous places greeting the sunny polonynas and green mountain peaks.
Here you are always to be greeted by the local residents known as Hutsuly, the sincere, affable and cheerful people. They will willingly and cordially get you acquainted with their way of life, their manners, they will sing you their folk songs and will treat you to delicious homemade meals.
A miraculous waterfall is among the noted places of Yaremche region, which are worth paying attention to.
The waterfall Probiy is located in the Yaremche canyon on the river Prut (near the town of Yaremche).
This is a beautiful nook with a cascade of the waterfalls. From the bridge, which is twenty meters high above the waterfall, one can observe the river Prut, dropping tons of water into the narrow stone-made pit created by the nature itself. At the present the height of the waterfall reaches eight meters.
The river Prut, which flows out from underneath Hoverla mountain at the height of 1600 meters above sea level, being a hydrological phenomenon, flows in the cascade of silver waterfalls through Yaremche.
Both the manifestation of the waters in Yaremche in the shape of a pore and the spring of waters containing sulphur and hydrogen in the town of Vorokhta also belong to the hydrogeological objects and the unique ecological wonders of the Carpathian nature. Their presence is a proof of the healing properties of the entrails of the Yaremche soils.
In the micro district of Yamna the two types of mineral water are discovered: the first type is a light mineral water containing carbon and sodium with the high amount of organic substances (the kind of Naftusya) and the second type is a mineral water of light mineralization, containing chloride, carbon and natrium (the kind of Brusnytska, Myrhorodska).


The Carpathian National Reserve (CNR) was founded in 1980 to protect the unique nature areas of Horhany and Chornohorka. Its total area equals 50.3 thousand hectares within the absolute height range of 500-2061 m. It stretches as far as 55 km from north-west to north-east and 20 km - from south-west to south-east.

The top of Hoverla mountain is a specific symbol of greatness and pride of Ukraine. When having ascended it, one is astonished at the spaciousness of the charming panorama and the unparalleled beauty of the Carpathian National Reserve, one of the largest reserves in Ukraine, named after the Carpathian mountainous landscape. This is the first reserve in Ukraine. In its present borders, CNR includes in itself 12 forestries of the park type, the land fund of the peasants' unions together with the lands of the town and village councils of Yaremche, Mykulychyn, Kreminets, Vorokhta and Yablunytsya. The CNR was organized to protect the unique and wondrous beauty of the eastern macroslope of the Ukrainian Carpathians with their landscapes of mountain and plain rivers, significant historical, architectural and ethnographical monuments.
The local climate gives the possibility for rest during the whole year. It changes from moderately warm, characteristic for Western Europe, to continental, as that in Eastern Europe. The average year temperature is + 6 C, a bit lower in the highlands. The average amount of atmosphere precipitations grows with the growth of the height of the peaks from 800 to 1400 m, the thickness of the snow layer is approximately 50 cm, and in some years it reaches 2 m.
The process of soil-forming in the park area involves two types of soils, i.e., brown and ashy ones. Beech and coniferous forests preferably grow on light-brown soils, whereas relic pines and birches - on stony and turf ones.
The fabulous flora and fauna are abundant in rare and disappearing species. Some of them exist in the Carpathians only, among those 78 types of plants and 30 types of vertebrate animals are registered in the Ukrainian Register of Disappearing Species. There are 2 lakes on the territory of the CNR, the largest karst lakes in Chornohora - Nesamovyte ("Violent") (at the height of Turkul mountain, i.e.1,750 m) and Maricheyka (at the hight of Shuryn-Hropa mountain, i.e.1,510 m). A folk legend tells that it is the lake Nesamovyte that the souls of sinners ladle ice out then dissipating it down from clouds as hail, thus making great damage to people. The Maricheyka lake takes in the waters of numerous mountain springs, and due to its purity even tritons may be found there. Those karst lakes are extremely picturesque and people call each a "Sea Eye" for their charm.
Another interesting place as concerning the Carpathian flora in Yaremche area is the terrain "Tarnytsi" (total area 60 hectares) in the Mykulychyntsy forestry. There pines, as old as 140 years, grow on the rocks at the height of over 800 m above sea level which is unique even for the Carpathians.

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