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Ternopil region

Ternopil was destined to be formed on the crossroads of the ways, which were used not only by friends, but by enemies too. Notwithstanding multiple devastations, the city used to rise up like the fabulous Phoenix from every ruin to become at last the real capital of the Halitsian Podillya. Lots of roads and tourist routes lead to Ternopil. Whichever direction you would choose to enter the city, youd be met by new multi-storied dwelling and industrial buildings, but in a peculiar way intermixed with nice neat houses, surrounded by beautiful well-trimmed gardens full of bright flowers and fruit trees, along quiet streets, and by tender squares, cosy parks and, for sure, by the blue reach of the Ternopil Pond. The few architectural masterpieces of the former epochs that remained as rare diamonds, add to the beauty of the city.
Among those oldies but goldies the medieval castle built in 1540 as a fortress to protect the city. However, it is not the only one to astonish you by its story. Kremenets, one of the oldest towns in Ukraine, possesses some of the most significant architectural monuments, such as: the ensemble of the Collegium buildings, Cathedrals of St. Nicholas and Bohoyavlensky Cathedral. The old Town Hall together with Pokrovska and Khrestovozdvyzhenska churches will attract your attention in Buchach. Troyitsky Cathedral and the building of the Town Hall cause interest of tourists in Berezhany.
There are many places of interest in Ternopil region, but of all its treasures the Lavra in Pochayiv is the most precious. The flow of pilgrims and tourists never stops running to this sacred place, both beautiful and magnificent.