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Khmelnytskyi region

Hospitable Khmelnytskyi region, the pearl of Podillya, will offer you rich and varied rest. Both, adherents of cognitive tourism and those who prefer active rest, will find here everything they wish.
One of the places to visit is Khmelnytskyi Museum of Ethnology, which possesses among its treasures the jewellery of Kyivan Rus, the collections of cloth, furniture, medieval coins, national porcelain, and weapon of different times as well as other interesting exhibits.
Rich historical and cultural legacy is preserved in the town of Kamyanets Podilskyi which occupies the third place in the world by the number of monuments it has to offer. To these belong the Museum of the Monk; the ruins of the Armenian Cathedral that was turned into the harem of the Turkish sultan; the Cathedral of the Dominicans Order; the Franciscans Cathedral; the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul which combined two absolutely polar things: Polish cathedral and Turkish minaret; the book that can be read from all sides; the 200-year-old sundial all this is in Kamaynets. To crown it all there is the medieval fortress built by the Lithuanian princes Koriatovychi.
In Khmelnytskyi region there is another place that can offer a number of monuments of old days the town of Medzhybozh. Here the edifices of the Castle of the Synyavski erected in the XIV, XVI and XIX centuries, are preserved.
For those who prefer active rest the region offers more than 90 rivers, its thick forests, groves and other treasures of forest-steppe zone.

Kamyanets Podilskyi State Historical and Cultural Reserve
Khmelnytskyi Regional Museum of Ethnology