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The time of recreation is coming nearer, and together with it a numerous number of questions appears, but all of them come to these three ones:

  Is it expensive?

We are able to offer you a lot of variants to your taste and purse. If you got used to stretching yourself lazily, lying in the sun or swimming to far distances . A sea is your choice.

And again you face not a very easy problem. You should decide if it will be the Black, Dead or Mediterranean Sea.

If you don`t like the vacation in one place, then take a cruise. A huge liner, tranquil and measured splash of waves would never give you a chance to feel bored, on the contrary, falling asleep in one country and waking up in another, you shouldn`t hesitate that the culture of different nations will turn your head, moreover you will find yourself in the centre of disco revels and luxurious night life on board.

But what is to be done if you have a seasickness, or you prefer to go to any place but not to the sea?

We have a solution of this problem. Make yourself a present and go on an excursion along good old Europe. And is it hard to please you here? Do you want to rest from the troublesome civilization? The fantastic Carpathians are waiting for you! Do you like hunting? No problem. We`ll give you a chance to convince yourself in your own skills.

But what should those people do who have a busy schedule and have no time for a long-lasting vacation. You have free time only on days-off and it doesn`t always work. Let yourself enjoy a holiday weekend.

A business tour may provide you with pleasure, and benefit you as well. We have a special offer for students where their recreation will also include the improvement of foreign language competence.

And this is only a small portion of our offer.

Take advantage of our offers and your cherished dreams will come true.