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An exciting walking tour to Hoverla

The mountain of Hoverla is the queen of the Ukrainian Carpathians. When you have already risen to its top and got the favourable opportunity to observe the world below you from the height of 2061 m, you are sure to admire the scenic view of almost all the Carpathians, if, certainly, the weather be fine. If the weather be not, you will none the less feel yourself on cloud 9, as all the clouds seem to be hovering under your feet.
The very peak of the mountain is marked with the special sign, confirming its being the highest point of Ukraine. Don't you miss the lucky chance to feel as if experienced mountain climbers after having won another peak! And to have your miraculous photos taken right there is not in the least exciting!

The rout goes as high as 800 m and its length is 3,500 m. It takes its start at the sport tourist centre "Zaroslyak", situated 21 km away from the town of Vorokhta. From there on the rout forms the right angle with the freestyle track, and having crossed it at that point, tourists go into the forest. Further a convenient path runs alongside the Prut river. After about 10 min of walking both the river and the path fork, so the right flow should be crossed and climbing takes place alongside the left one. As far as 300 m ahead the path turns right, leading to the upper edge of the forest and to the polonyna "Zaroslyak". The route along the left side of the polonyna by the well-trampled path and a slight rise is the optimum. That path leads to the foothills of Small Hoverla, actually, the eastern slope of Hoverla, which can be reached after 45 to 50 min of walking. The valley of Prut with the cascade of waterfalls, 80 m high, that fall down from the upper threshold of Bereskul and Hoverla mountains, are to the left of the route. The Pozhyzhevska polonyna can be observed behind the valley.
The climbing to Small Hoverla is rather steep and it goes up the narrow path among the thicket of alpine pine and takes approximately 30-40 min. The view from its top down at the Chornohor range and, what is the most significant, up at Hoverla peak is rather a breathtaking. Strange as it might seem, the slopes of the mountain do not look so steep any more!
Another 30-40 min up the mountain will reward the brave tourists with the unparalleled delight of feeling the pride of winners when standing on the highest top of Ukraine - Hoverla. The valley of the river Bila Tyssa (Transcarpathia region) is to the north and some 25 km behind the Marmarosk Alps (Romania) with their highest peaks Farkhaul (1958 m) and Marmarosk Pip Ivan (Ivan the Priest) (1937 m) on its right are clearly seen. To the south-west of Hoverla there stand such peaks as Bereskul, Pozhyzhevsku, Dantsig and Turku, near the latter the range makes a slight zigzag bend thus going round Big and Small Kozly, Rebro, Tomnatyk, Brebeneskul (2035), Munchel, Dsembonya and Pip Ivan (2020), the distance to which along the range equals 20 km. Ukrainian Petros is seen at the west and Svidovets range - far away.
To diversify the rout, if time allows, it is possible to make a descent via Bereskul mountain. Behind it, at the lowest part of a saddle, the tourists move down one by one along the left side of the flow and after about 10-15 minutes of descending they cross the flow and continue moving down along the pass that finally brings them to Pozhyzhevsku polonyna. A road goes down from there that is used to supply food to the meteorological station by a cross-country vehicle.

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Petros (Hoverla)