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Bukovinian Diaspora

How do we preserve and pass to our descendants all the achievements of national culture which have been cherished by our people for ages?
What do we do today to make our folk song still sound tomorrow, to keep the life-giving spring of the national wisdom and art from drying out?
We must not let people forget spiritual traditions, folk customs, moral bases - everything that forms the system of relations between generations, everything that creates the basis of nation and entire national life. Traditional ethno-cultural information can be preserved only when handed down from grandparents to parents and then - to children and grandchildren. Keeping the tradition alive is the substance of true patriotism. Only by cognizing the past and understanding the source of our culture and history can we realize the present and imagine the future. Traditional morals and manners as a system include not only its principal constituents such as spiritual, material and social culture, but also connections with other social systems.

Duration: 4 days/3 nights
Means of transport: auto
Departure: as the group is formed

Chernivtsi region
Chernivtsi region.
Arrival in Chernivtsi. Accommodation in the hotel "Cheremosh". Dinner. Free time. Supper.
Breakfast. Sightseeing tour along the city including the visit to the University - the former residence of Bukovinian metropolitans. Dinner.
After dinner - the visit to the Museum of Bukovinian Diaspora . Here you will be acquainted with life and creative activity of famous Bukovinian writers, artists, scientists and statesmen all over the world, and with historical and artistic memorials of our Bukovinian genealogy.
Supper. Folk concert is given if the guests wish.
Breakfast. Leaving for the Carpathians. The visit to the Vashkivtsi Museum of the national embroidered shirt, where the works of H. Haras, the author of the unique samples of fine art, are exhibited. The visit to the Museum of Applied Art of Vashkivtsi Art School.
Dinner in the restaurant "Kolyba" (the town of Vyzhnytsya) decorated in the national folk style. Return to the hotel. Supper.
Breakfast. Checkout. Leaving.

Price: from $99