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Malanka in Bukovyna

Is the celebration of the "Old" New Year Holiday a personal tradition with you? If not, you are sure to enjoy the unparalleled show, and even more, to become its participant!
Even if you cherish certain traditions this show is worth breaking them. A "Malanka" in the country is an enjoyable holiday both for adults and children, impossible to forget!
It is a real feast of colours in peculiar folk costumes and plenty of joy in various entertainments!

Duration: 6 days/5 nights
Departure: 11.01 - 16.01

Arrival in Chernivtsi.
Meeting with the company representative.
9:00 Leaving for the village of Vashkivtsi. Visiting the museum of the ornamentalist H. Haras and climbing Anna's Mountain where the convent of St. Anna is situated.
12:00 Leaving for Vyzhnytsya - the main "gate" of the Bukovinian Carpathians where the river Cheremosh is split into three rivers. The town was founded by the settlers of the lower areas of the region, so the name of the town is derived from the word "vyzhnya", i.e. "high".
14:00 Dinner in a kolyba (shepherd's hut).
16:00 Leaving for the village of Berehomet.
16:30 Arrival at Berehomet. Accommodation in private cottages.
19:00 Supper in the restaurant "Stizhok".
8:00 Breakfast.
10:00 Climbing Mt.Stizhok.
13:00 Dinner (barbecue).
15:00 Skiing, sledging.
19:00 Supper in the restaurant "Stizhok".
9:00 Breakfast.
11:00 Visiting the museum, the expositons "Four Seasons" and "The Room of Time". They tell about natural resources of the National Reserve.
13:00 Dinner in the restaurant "Stizhok".
14:00 Preparation for holiday celebration.
19:00 Holiday supper according to local traditions. 21:00 Malanka with disguising according to local tradition.
10:00 Late breakfast. Checkout.
11:00 Leaving for the village of Vashkivtsi, continuation of Malanka celebration.
12:30 Arrival at Vashkivtsi. Participation in the entertaining programme, taking pictures with the participants of the show.
15:00 Leaving for Chernivtsi.
16:00 Dinner in the inn "Under the Limes" in the village of Shypyntsi.
18:30 Accommodation in the hotel. Free time.

8:00 Breakfast.
10:00 Sighseeing tour along Chernivtsi: visiting Olha Kobylyanska Music and Drama Theatre (1904-1905, architects - Felner and Gelner), the Cathedral of the Holly Spirit (1844, architect Roel), the former Armenian Catholic church of St. Peter and Paul, erected in 1875 according to Hlavka's project (nowadays it serves as Ogan Music Hall), National University - the former Residence of the Metropolitans of Bukovyna and Dalmatia (the architectural monument of the XIX cent., built according to Hlavka's project).
13:00 Dinner in the inn "Koleso". (national cuisine)
16:00 Free time. A walk along Kobylyanska Street (former Panska Street), purchasing souvenirs.
19:00 Supper in "Wiener Cafe".

7:30 Breakfast.
8:00 Hotel checkout. Leaving for Khotyn - one of the oldest towns in Bukovyna (first mentioned in 1001). 10:00 Sightseeing tour along Khotyn. Visiting Khotyn fortress - the architectural monument of the XI-XVIII cent., one of the greatest fortified castles in Eastern Europe. It is the witness of the Khotyn war (1621) of joint Polish-Ukrainian troops (hetmans Khodkevych and Sahaidachnyi) against Tatar-Mongolian troops (Sultan Osman II). You will also see "Troyaniv val" - the rampart built in the II-III cent. AD, which stretches southwards from the eastern part of the town.
16:00 Farewell dinner. Transfer to the place of departure (railway or buss station).

Price: from $100