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" NAVKOLO SVITU" is engaged in the organization of a hunt and offers additional services for the tourists from Ukraine and for foreign tourists on the territory of Chernivtsy, Lviv, Kherson, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk regions. Our experts will always be glad to show you hunting areas, in which you can observe and get the best hunting trophies.
We have an opportunity to take or to accompany you from the customs borders of Ukraine to the places of the hunt. During your stay in our places you can order various methods of a hunt. The duration of hunting is 5-7 days. During your stay in the hunting areas you will be accompanied by a skilled guide, you will have an opportunity to observe the rare kinds of birds and animals. The main kinds of animals: stag, wild boar, roedeer, bear, Europen bison, lamb, fox, hare, feathered game.
In Ukraine the hunt with rifled and smooth-bore weapon, and also with arbalest and (bow) is allowed. It is necessary to give the following information by fax beforehand (20 days) for the reception of the sanction on hunting weapon import:
1. Passport data of the hunter (citizenship, surname, name, passport number, date of birth)
2. Data about the weapon: trade mark, number, calibre, quantity of cartridges, which are imported.
3 Hunting knife number.
The representative of the firm will meet the hunters at the customs house with the sanction to import the weapon. It is necessary to inform about the time of arrival in Ukraine, type of transport, what customs house the hunter will go through.
From Ukraine it is possible to take out any parts of the hunted animal (horn, fangs, skin, skull, meat and other). The veterinary certificate is given out on each hunted animal which is entitled to import it in the countries of Europe.
The prices for services:
1. Registration of the sanction on import/ export of hunting weapon and cartridges to it $20
2. Meeting/seeing off at a place of arrival $15
3 Staying in a hunting house (per day) $30
4. Food(meal)FBsingle in a hunting house $25
5. Transport during a hunt-1 day $15
6. Service of a guide for one day of a hunt $15
7. Processing a trophy $10
8. Service of the interpreter, a day $15
9. Registration on export of trophies $15
10. Transport from a place of arrival up to a hunting house (economy) is stipulated separately.