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Welcome to Ukraine, the nice country in the Eastern Europe.

Visiting Ukraine you can make acquaintance with the history and culture which were left for us as the heritage by the people who lived on this land long ago. The lovers of the antiquity will be interested by the excavations of the antique towns of Prichernomorye . Khersones, Olvia, Tira ...

In Kyyiv, Kamyanets-Podilsk, Chernigiv, Ovruch, Volodymir-Volinsky, Lviv, you.ll be tacquainted with the best - known historical and cultural monuments of different epochs and styles. It is worth to see the cult (religious) buildings in Kyiv, Chernigiv, Lviv, Chernivtsy, Pochayev and Ivano-Frankivsk. In the Bukovinian village Bila Krynitsa you have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the .01d-believers.. Here is the centre of the world Christian old . believers.

In the fortresses of Uzhorod, Mukachiv, Kamyanets Podolsk, Khotin, Lutsk, Medzhibosh, Belgorod-Dnistrovsk and numorous muzeums in different cities and towns of Ukraine will tell you about the victorious glory of our grandfathers and great grandfathers in various periods of history of our state.

Beautiful palaces and castles will meet your view in Transcarpathia, Lviv, Chernigiv regions and in the Crimea.

The whole necklace of nice towns and cities are waiting for you in Ukraine. Kyyiv, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, will leave the unforgettable impressions in your souls. Chernigiv will win your heart by many architectural monuments. In the middle of the Dnister and the Western Bug there is Lviv which will be remembered by you due to its old houses, cathedrals, fortress.s towers. Bright reminicences will be left by the streets of Uzhorod.

Peaceful and picturesgue is Chernivtsy which is often called .Small Vienna..

You can also see much in the old Lutsk which was founded by the Prince Volodymyr. Visit, please, Dnipropetrovsk where you can see the Potyomkynsky Palase and one of the oldest cities of Ukraine . Poltava. Kharkiv is also an interesting city for tourists. It was founded as the fortress against the raids of the Crimean tatars. Odessa, situated on the shore of the Black Sea, is one of the most colourful cities of Ukraine.

Besides all, you will get a special pleasure visiting the famous Odessa market.

A special charm is arisen by the natural resources of Ukraine, its beautiful rivers, lakes, parks, reserves.

The calm Carpathian Mountains which are very attractive for travellers and mountain . skiers will give you much pleasure. The Crimean Peninsula is the unique natural and cultural region of Ukraine. There are a great number of beautiful landskapes, resorts and nice cities . Sevastopol, Simferopol, Yalta, Sudak, Kerch. By the way, the best Ukrainian sweet wine and port are produced in the Crimea.